Brake Hoses Made to Order

Brake Hoses Made to Order
Same Day Service

Quality Hoses available when you need them

  • Any hydraulic brake and clutch hose to suit any type of vehicle (in some cases a sample will be needed).
  • All hoses comply to Dot Standard FMVSS106.
  • Every hose is pressure tested to 3000 PSI.
  • Original Equipment Quality


– Brake Hoses can be an invisible safety hazard –


Some facts about brake hoses:

  • The average life of a brake hose is six years
  • Brake hoses deteriorate from the inside as well as the outside
  • Moisture is absorbed into brake fluid systems through brake hoses
  • Contaminants in brake fluid act abrasively on the inner wall of brake hoses
  • The brake hose reinforcing fabric deteriorates through expansion and moisture
  • High operating temperatures in brake systems contribute to the deterioration of hoses
  • Brake hoses swell with age and restrict flow

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